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Civil War Underground Railroad Maps

source left pic source right pic

source bottom pic

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Civil War Underground Railroads




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Underground Railways


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Revolutionary War map

source : http://www.thinglink.comrrvolutionary war

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Culture & Cuisine

New England colonies

  • seafood, dairy, pies, beans, turkey, game, maple syrup, cranberries, potatoes, seasonal food

Pennsylvania Dutch

  • soups, egg noodles, broth, pot roast, sauerkraut, pork, sausage , ginger bread, apples

Southern colonies

  • sweet potatoes,grits, okra, bread pudding, fried green tomatoes, pit barbeque, fried chicken, stuffed ham, corn bread, cobbler
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Colonial exports to Britian

New England colonies

  • New Hampshire : cattle, fish, lumber, fur
  • Rhode Island: cattle, corn, lumber, ships
  • Massachusetts: whale,metals and metal products, raw wool, and ships
  • Connecticut: : flour, dried meat, rum, and iron bars

Middle colonies:

  • New York: horses, beer, fine flour, flax, and iron bars
  • New Jersey: Indian corn, wheat, and flour
  • Delaware: tobacco, meat, grain, flour, bread, barrel staves, cloth
  • Pennsylvania: apples, dairy cattle, glass, wine, rope,and bricks

Southern colonies:

  • Maryland: grams, tobacco, fruit, vegetables, clay, bricks, beaver, ships
  • Virginia: wheat, flax, tobacco, corn
  • North Carolina: tobacco, wheat, corn, tar, pitch, wine glass, exotic birds
  • South Carolina: rice, beef, silkworms, cotton, furniture, grapes, olives, raisins, capers, currents
  • Georgia: rice, clay, pottery, cotton, indigo, tobacco, fruit,and pork
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Dutch nobility titles

  1. Kiezer (Emperor)
  2. Koning (King)
  3. Aartshertog (Archduke)
  4. Hertog (Duke)
  5. Prins (Prince)
  6. Markies (Marquis)
  7. Graaf (Earl)
  8. Burgraaf (Viscount)
  9. Baron*
  10. Erfelijke Ridder (Hereditary knight)
  11. Ridder (Knight)
  12. Schildknapp (Esquire)
  13. Jonkeers (Gentleman)

Also going to use the suffixes De and Van for my original characters in my historical fiction… Orange-Nassau is probably not going to be used since’s it’s fiction although historical fiction. Or the titles Kiezer, Koning or Aartshertog or Prins…. as for the rest it’s plausible and full of potential…

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Not another Gone with the Wind

My main or central theme or historical fiction setting is the 13 first colonial states of America. Essential is therefore the European emigration, religion and the Mayflower… But still it’s not another North and South and certainly not another Gone with the Wind. Dare I say more…

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