Colonial exports to Britian

New England colonies

  • New Hampshire : cattle, fish, lumber, fur
  • Rhode Island: cattle, corn, lumber, ships
  • Massachusetts: whale,metals and metal products, raw wool, and ships
  • Connecticut: : flour, dried meat, rum, and iron bars

Middle colonies:

  • New York: horses, beer, fine flour, flax, and iron bars
  • New Jersey: Indian corn, wheat, and flour
  • Delaware: tobacco, meat, grain, flour, bread, barrel staves, cloth
  • Pennsylvania: apples, dairy cattle, glass, wine, rope,and bricks

Southern colonies:

  • Maryland: grams, tobacco, fruit, vegetables, clay, bricks, beaver, ships
  • Virginia: wheat, flax, tobacco, corn
  • North Carolina: tobacco, wheat, corn, tar, pitch, wine glass, exotic birds
  • South Carolina: rice, beef, silkworms, cotton, furniture, grapes, olives, raisins, capers, currents
  • Georgia: rice, clay, pottery, cotton, indigo, tobacco, fruit,and pork
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