Dutch nobility titles

  1. Kiezer (Emperor)
  2. Koning (King)
  3. Aartshertog (Archduke)
  4. Hertog (Duke)
  5. Prins (Prince)
  6. Markies (Marquis)
  7. Graaf (Earl)
  8. Burgraaf (Viscount)
  9. Baron*
  10. Erfelijke Ridder (Hereditary knight)
  11. Ridder (Knight)
  12. Schildknapp (Esquire)
  13. Jonkeers (Gentleman)

Also going to use the suffixes De and Van for my original characters in my historical fiction… Orange-Nassau is probably not going to be used since’s it’s fiction although historical fiction. Or the titles Kiezer, Koning or Aartshertog or Prins…. as for the rest it’s plausible and full of potential…

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