State flowers

  1. Peach_flowers Delaware Peach flower

2.Pennsylvania Penngift crown vetch Pink_Flowers_Crown_Vetch_DSC_0076


3.New Jersey Violet Viola_sororia

4.Georgia  125px-Cherokee_roseCherokee Rose

5. Connecticut Kalmia_latifolia2 Mountain Laurel

6.MassachusettsTrailing_arbutus (1) Mayflower

7.Maryland Black-eyed Susan 800px-Black_eyed_susan_20040717_110754_2.1474

8.South Carolina  800px-Gelsemium_sempervirens3 Yellow Jessamine

9.New Hampshire Purple lilac 1024px-Lilac_Flower&Leaves,_SC,_Vic,_13.10.2007

10.Virginia 800px-Benthamidia_florida_berry American Dogwood

11.New York Rosa_sp.163 New York Rose Kurt Stüber

12.North Carolina 1024px-Flowering_Dogwood_Cornus_florida_Yellow_Flowers_3008px (1) Flowering Dogwood

13.Rhode Island Viola_sororia Violet

Perhaps a stupid question but why do some states have not one but two state flowers…?

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