Downton Abbey

I know it’s not the correct time period nor the actual war. Still can’t help that I’m inspired by the real American heiresses of great wealth. Until now they’ve been fairly unknown to me.

I never knew that Princess Di was a decendant of American heiress Frances Work. Although I’ve heard that Winston Churchill’s mother was American. But I didn’t know she was Jennie Jerome. I never knew she was an American Dollar Princess…

I’ve heard of the Vanderbuilt’s but not about Consuelo Vanderbuilt. Interesting to hear she started the Sufragge movement.

Poor Consuelo Yaznaga who decided to marry for class with a very tragic marriage.

Mary Leiter another (unfamiliar woman) to me seemed to have married a man she genuinely loved she were his equal. But their marriage although happy were cut short by tragedy. Fortunately the union wasn’t childless yet had failed to produce a mail heir.

Very fascinating.

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